Royal Enfield is not just a motorcycle. It is a legacy in Indian Motorcycling. Every Rider either Rides a Royal Enfield or wants to ride one. Going by the popularity of the brand, you have probably waited months to get your hands on one. But buying is only the beginning, it is customizing the bike that will make you stand out in the crowd.
Here the six simple modifications, you can do to your Royal Enfield to take your riding experience to a next level!
1. Exhausts
Just about everyone changes the Exhausts. The new Royal Enfields in stock condition just don’t have enough Thump. Changing the exhausts is the only option, to give your Royal Enfield a thumping sound. There are also some exhausts that claim to increase performance, but you should be careful while completely believing them
2. Saddlebags
No matter if you’re riding with your pillions or alone, you probably always have something to carry. Carrying backpacks at all times can get tiring, and why should you carry them around on your shoulder when you can get rid of them and replace them with something more comfortable to use. A saddlebag is just the thing you need. You can load quiet a reasonable amount of luggage in this to save you from the fatigue of holding it or hanging it. Moreover, the pillions can comfortable sit in the rear seat, with no disturbance caused by the saddlebag.

3. Tank Bags
Tank Bags carry all the small things you need to carry on daily rides. They stick onto the tank with the help of magnets and usually are waterproofs. There are lots of options available today and you can choose the one according to your taste.
4. Headlamp Grills
Royal Enfield provides a 55W headlamp in the Classic and Thunderbird models and a 35W headlamp in other models. People often replace these with HID or LED fog lamps, as per their wish. However, whatever you use, firstly its glass, secondly it’s expensive. Use a headlamp grill to save your headlamps from damage and to add look to the bike. Headlamp grills do not alter the light, but only provide a frame for the sake of safety and beauty. It is also mentionable here that most accidents of motorcycles cause damage to the headlamp.
5. Handlebar
Most people change the handlebar of their motorcycle to suit their riding style. If you take a lot of long rides, a cruiser handlebar like the one in the Thunderbird is what you should look at. If you ride more in the city, it is the Standard or the Classic Handlebar which will suit you.
But there is more than just changing the handlebar. You can also change the grips, mirrors and bar ends of the handlebar.
6. Handlebar Tassels
So if you wish to give your bike a rough and tough look, the handlebar tassels will do the job. This piece of stylish leather not only makes the bike look better, but also makes your grip on the motorcycle steering better.


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