As most of the Royal Enfield aficionados would know, the annual event of North East Riders Meet(NERM) has been taking place amidst the quite and pristine hills of North East for several years now. What started as a small event back in 2009, has grown to become one of the most anticipated events in the Indian Ride Calendar. Thanks to the man responsible for the inception of the idea, Sunil Karnani and his mates, who not only turned the idea into a reality, but also set a benchmark for the successive events.

“Bulls of Assam MC” are hosting the seventh edition of the event, and might we say, they’ve got quite the reputation in the Royal Enfield circles. They’ve earned this reputation not only by abiding to a strict code of motorcycling conduct but also by nailing events such as the NERM. Therefore, in our opinion you should expect nothing less than spectacular from the event.

For those of you who still need convincing, here are our seven compelling reasons why you should ride to the event.


Most of us have looked at North East with a sense of wonder and intrigue. We’ve all heard wonderful things about the place from our North Eastern mates. We’ve admired its musical dexterity, loved its cuisines and have always dreamt of exploring this magical place tucked away at the north-eastern corner of our country. But somehow we haven’t been able to do so. Thanks to the often gloom-ridden portrayal of the place in the mass media, or due to the confines of time and workload.

Well, all that doesn’t have to be anymore, as the NERM could be your perfect opportunity to explore the pristine and magical hills of North East and revel in the unspoilt beauty of this magnificent Himalayan abode.

Don’t let that negative media portrayal get the best of you. As someone once famously said, The most terrifying thing about the road not taken is not knowing where it might have led you. North Eastern folks are some of the most hospitable people you could ever come across, open-hearted, loving and extremely generous. So do not allow apprehension to come in the way of you having a time of your life.


We all know that the camaraderie and brotherhood that flows between the members of the Royal Enfield riding community is unprecedented and unlike any other. It’s that instant connection with another human being. When you know that they’re one of your own and they’re family. NERM THE SEVENTH could be your perfect opportunity to meet up with your fellow brethren from not just the North Eastern part of the country, but pretty much all over the country and the world too. Starting from a 20 member ride event in 2009, to now expecting well over a thousand riders for this years’ event, the NERM has come a long way, and has become one of the most awaited riding events in the country. With participations coming from the entire length and the breadth of India, you can expect to meet people of varied age groups and from pretty much all walks of life. There’s a high chance that you’ll ride away from the event having made some new friends for life. Relationships that will stand the test of time and tide, add value and meaning to your lives and give you countless moments of happiness and bliss. Now who doesn’t want more of that?


Arbitrary as they might be, there is something special about crossing an international border on two wheels. Arriving in another land, filled with a sense of unfamiliarity and curiosity. Every noticeable similarity or stark differences bringing a smile at your face. The excitement of the event doesn’t need to end with the event itself. You could quite easily take a short excursion to Burma or Bhutan by stretching your travel plans by just a few days. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about the hassle of getting a Visa, as those will be provided to you upon your arrival at the border. Just make sure you’re carrying your identifications and the bike’s documentations, which you should anyway.


The true pleasures of motorcycling lies in off-roading. You’ll be getting plenty of opportunity to do just that at the NERM. From cruising along the highways to paving your way through the dirt and often mud-filled gravel roads and going completely off roads when needed. Everything is on the NERM menu. Rides such as these truly test the sync between the man and his machine, by using them both to the limits of their endurance. It’s at moment such as these that men display character, and so do motorcycles. And let’s be honest about it, you didn’t get your Royal Enfield just for the city commute, cause that would be an utter waste of such a marvelous piece of machinery. We’re sure, at some point you thought of doing that long, life-changing road trip on you Bullet. Well, why wait anymore? We say you prep that machine of yours’ and hit the highway heading to the NERM. It’s about time the two of you found out what you’re made of. And there’s hardly a better way to make that discovery than on two wheels.


When was the last time you remember waking up to a grand and mystical Himalayan sunrise? The mountains overlooking lush green prairies and beautiful tea plantations. When was the last time you fell asleep under the open roof of starry skies, crawled away under you tiny tent? Our guess would be it’s been a while, if not way long. And if that indeed is the case, then you couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to camp under the open skies and surrounded by magnificent hills, cause that’s just how you’ll be spending the nights. Live Music, Campfires, lively conversations, laughter, good food, need we say more. It already sounds like a dream vacation, and you can certainly expect many a more pleasant surprises along the way. So take out that tent and those sleeping bags, which you so prudently acquired for your dream camp and has been gathering dust in your closet. Now would be a good time to learn to set it up. But even if you don’t, there’ll be plenty of help available to you at the camp.


We’ve all got a few tricks up our sleeves, don’t we? Secrets only our closed ones share. Some have soulful voices, some can melt hearts with their guitar strings, while others can juggle the hell out of balls or pull off a card trick that leaves everyone in deep wonder. Whatever your skill set may be, it’s time for you to show them off to the world and the NERM could be just the perfect platform for that. After all, why should you deprave the world of your unworldly talents and some prime entertainment?

Who knows, you might just be the next youtube sensation


We’ll be at the NERM 2015 event for our official product launch, where you’ll get the first hand opportunity to take a look at the entire range of our hand cut, hand made and hand finished premium veg tan leather goods for your beloved motorcycles. We are also offering a flat 25% on all our items. We know you’ve been eagerly hitting at the cart tab every time you were on the blog page, trying to catch a glimpse of our products, and trust us when we say that we’ve also been working equally eagerly towards bringing the fruits of our hard labour directly to you, and also interact with you face to face. But as with everything else in life, the timing had to be right. If you needed any more reason to be at the NERM this year, this is it. And oh, be sure to bring you best garb, as there’ll be plenty of photo ops.

To know more about NERM the SEVENTH, check out their Facebook Page or their Official Website

All pictures are courtesy of our friends at the NERM unless specified

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