There are several ways to tell a story, and there are a few stories that are best told by images. Images that stay with us for eternity. Images that invoke within us a deep sense of wonder, beauty and often pathos. Pictures that speak louder than any words ever spoken, more meaningful and in a language that is only understood by the heart. After all, they don’t say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” for nothing.

So we set out to find some of these storytellers who tell the stories we like and the way we like them. These mavericks on wheels bring out the best of their ride experience in the form of brilliant photographs and are kind enough to share them with the rest of the world. Whether you needed some visual inspiration or simply enjoyed looking at the wonderful view of the world through the eyes of a rider, these are the guys you should definitely be following on Instagram:

Aside from being a sound engineer and a vocalist for Chennai’s famed Escher’s Knot, Abijith has another passion that he lives by. That passion is his love for photography and being out and about on two wheels. He has a penchant for colors and contrast that is visibly evident in his photographs and an eye for capturing the wonderful peculiarities of life on the streets of India. What we love the most about his photographs is how they’re filled with exuberant colors and yet somewhat melancholic in the feelings they invoke. You can read more about his exploits on his blog: trailbugandwanderlust.wordpress.com

Those of you who are regulars on our blog would know that we often use virs’ images for our blog posts and for a very good reason too. Notwithstanding the fact that Vir likes to refer to himself as a wannabe photographer, his images are always full of character and always tell a story. Nothing is purely random; there is a purpose and intent behind each picture and one only has to read between the lines, metaphorically speaking, to get that intent. We hope that he continues to explore the edges of the horrizon and keep gratifying us with his beaiutiful photographs. He also writes about his adventures on helmetstories.blogspot.com

Be sure to check it out.

Rishi is a gifted motographer. A lot of his pictures are taken while he is still riding his bike at 60kmph. Rishi’s photographs tend to have a sense of ethereal beauty, which often makes them seem even out of this world. His choices of warm colors give his photographs an almost anachronistic feel. This is the reason we love his images and have often used it in our blogs. We hope that he shall continue with his photographic endeavors for the times to come, cause we for one enjoy looking at his photographs and could always use a lil’ visual inspiration. Especially when it comes from a man on two wheels.

Rishi also has a huge fan following on his Facebook page: Motographing with B2R

A self proclaimed adernaline junkie, Jamshed definitely seems to have the eye for textures, which is something his images are abundant with. Almost every picture on his insta page is so remarkable that it sticks in your head and leaves a lasting impression in your memory. Jamshed is gifted with a fantastic aesthetic sense and that’s visibly evident in his photographs.

Every photograph, every picture tells a story of a time and a place and the people in it. His ability to turn even the quaintest of moments into something special with his camera lens is what we admire the most about his pictures.

If you’re a motorcycle aficionado and love everything about motorcycles then it makes perfect sense to follow Prankur on Instagram. Not only does he post brilliant pictures from his travel exploits but he also creates wonderful bike sketches that he puts up on insta. If you’re looking to customize your motorcycle, as most bike lovers do, you could use some design inspiration from Prankur’s sketches or even better ask him for some help in that area. But don’t for a minute think that’s the only reason why we love his Instagram feeds, the photographs that he posts are equally admirable and pleasing to the senses. It would only be fair to assume that we have a true artiste at hand here. Check out more of his designs at: www.behance.net/prkone

At a tender age of 21, Srijesh has what it takes to be a professional photographer. Everything in his photographs, from the choice of the moment in time to the selection of frame, is intentional and invokes a very specific feeling which is true to the image on display. While looking at some of these photographs you wonder if what you see in the image was just as breathtaking in real life. Every image transposes the viewer into the scene and the setting of the image. What more could one expect from a fine photographer?

Sometimes the best view you get is from a helmet mount. Ketan who claims to have shot all of his brilliant pictures using a GoPro Hero3 , proves just that. The pictures are well timed and in most cases beautifully framed which is quite a thing considering the fact that you can’t check the view through view finder in a GoPro cause there isn’t one. One has to solely rely on their imagination to decide where and at what angle the GoPro be mounted. Needless to say, we love Ketan’s Insta feeds and are always looking forward to it, and sure do hope that he continues to indulge us with his travel exploits through his visual imagery.

“The Perfect Man? A poet on a motorcycle.” ~ Lucinda Williams.

If you identify with that statement as we do, then you’re bound to find Sumit darn close to being that perfect man. He’s a poet alright, and his poetry; his images. His pictures have a language of their own and interact with your senses in more ways than one. Every photograph on his Insta feed is a testament of his brilliant aesthetic sense that we’re such a huge fan of. Needless to say, Sumit has always been generous enough to lend us some of his artistic sensibilities in the form of his wonderful pictures that we often publish on our blogs, and we’re always thankful for that gesture.

Sumit was also kind enough to shoot for the Warrior Hybrid Saddlebag on a chilly Saturday morning in exchange for Aalo Puris :).

Aside from their thrill-seeking attitude and their penchant for photography, what connect all of these guys is their undeniable and irrepressible affection for motorcycles and open roads. That’s what connects all of us; our indelible love for freedom on two wheels. So connect to us on Instagram @tripmachinecompany and we’ll keep bringing to you wonderful images from riders all over the globe to inspire and titillate your creative senses. Drop your comments, or even better send us your pictures from your road trips and tell us something memorable about it and maybe next time, it’ll be your picture up that blog. J

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